Top 5 Epic

Turkey is not only interesting because of fascinating Muslim history, but this country has marvellous charm to make you roam around the streets of it. If you are looking forward to an epic trip of your life, here is your chance to ensure that you plan it right. And planning begins from listing down the best places from Turkey. If you are in love, you can enjoy the glamorous journey with your partner. If you are not in love, this is your time and a chance to fall in love with the wildness of the best places in the turkey.

So, to ease your journey for you and make it more wonderful, we have lined up the best places to visit in turkey. Start preparing your list now!!

1.     Cappadocia

The one thing that crosses the mind after hearing the name Cappadocia is a hot-air balloon. Most people take it as the most romantic activity and it can be if you are at the top of the city with your partner. Even if you are executing your solo plans, this is your time to enjoy the view that never disappoints you.

2.     Fethiye

A coastal city and considered the best place to visit in turkey. Take the boat from the main beaches and you will be exploring some of the best beaches in the turkey. On your way, you will visit the butterfly valley and if you book it with Travel Company, you can enjoy beverages and food with it. Moreover, never forget the paragliding experience at the Fethiye, it will bring a thrilling individual in you or a scary one, both can be crazy and no one wants to miss it.

3.     Ruins of Myra

Some people find their adventure in the ruins or history. Well, excitement has no limitations, if history is what makes you joyful and happy, the ruins of Myra are a must-visit for you. The church out there names like Church of St. Nicholas is the main attraction and despite the disasters, it has faced, it is still an attraction. There is little left there, but the open-air museum is worth visiting.

4.     Kayakoy

Are you a little alone inside and want some time away from the crazy crowd of the streets? Take a minibus, hike or book a car to the south of Fethiye, there is town Kayakoy. This place looks ruined, but it is no less than ancient Greek ruins. Reading into the history, you will know that the town was a self-sufficient area almost 100 years back. And it can take a few hours to explore the full town, so prefer to travel early in the morning.

5.     Ankara

Although the turkey is full of historical surprises, you can find it on every step. However, Ankara is the capital of Turkey with the beautiful Ankara castle for visitors to visit in turkey. So, do not miss this spectacular city while you are there.

Wrapping up

So, ready to take a plunge for falling in love with turkey? You have a list of best places to visit, all you need now is a solid plan for it.

How to travel on a budget? Is it possible?

People who often refuse to travel are the ones with low budgets. It happens that we are crazy about someplace, but budget constraints will never let us enjoy the real-time craziness to be at the place.

Well, there is good news for people like you. You can travel on a budget if you are a great planner. It is all about keeping your mind active and open about the different choices. If you want to visit a country or any other place, there are many tips and tricks that you can apply to travel despite the financial constraints you are facing.

Money may be the main asset you need to take any adventure and not having enough can be a problem unless you are a smooth organizer. If you are not much of a planner, let us help you with the following tips.

1.     Plan everyday budget

Planning your every day of the trip along with the activities, places, and budget can help you a lot for avoiding any budget issues. So, write down the things you want to enjoy at a certain place and start calculating the expenses. Then cut down the expensive things or the ones you can skip to stay in a budget.

2.     Look for the travel rewards programs

If you travel often whether, for work or pleasure, you can easily find the travel reward programs. You can find your credit useful for this purpose and also redeem for flights, accommodations, or other purchases. If you are paying them off each month, you can avoid the interest and also enjoy the trips without a hassle.

3.     Check out the budget-friendly flights and accommodations

Keep looking for the budget-friendly flights and accommodations. You can book for hostels or similar places. When people stay in groups, there are fewer charges and the most unfamiliar adventure for a newbie traveler. So, enjoy the charm of living with unknown people, you can learn a lot during that journey.

4.     Outdoor Camping

Outdoor camping is a fascinating idea and if you are traveling to the moderate climate region, it is always a great idea. You can also find secure camping sites, just make sure that you pack according to it and check for the laws and regulations by the local authority of the region.

5.     Work & travel

Many people find some skill relevant to work and if you think you can earn by exchanging some skills or travel experience, this is your way to go for budget traveling, just go for it.

6.     Choose your activities wisely

When you plan your trip, you might have some expensive activities in mind. Well, choose them wisely and if something comes up that you have done before, avoid it completely and plan your trip accordingly.

Final thoughts

So, if you want to travel and plan something crazy, it will always come with a low budget plan. Yes, a full budget can offer other crazy things, but a core experience of any community or town is possible when you think about how to travel on a budget. So, consider the tips above and be crazy about your next plans.

Top 6 Attractions in Bali

Indonesia is an iconic country famous for its islands. If you are a fan of the friendly local crowd and enchanting cultural experience. This time plan your trip to Bali. Bali is one of the Indonesian Islands with a thrilling environment and lively people. We are all living in chaos right now because of the Coronavirus, but soon it will come to end and it can be a great break for the ones tired of their work-home routine these days. You can dance, relax, and enjoy your vacations like never before.

However, if you really want to enjoy a memorable trip by visiting the top attractions in Bali. So, here are the things that you must do to have a wonderful time on your vacation.

1.     Sekumpul Waterfall

This gem is a little away from the local tourists’ spots. If you are a fan of rainbows and want to glow with the morning sunshine, this place is a must-visit. It is close to nature and a refreshing day is waiting for you out there. So, pack your bags according to it and keep in mind that you will be experiencing a 40-min hike down to the waterfall.

2.     Diamond Beach

White sand and blue waters are charming attractions for everyone. There you can see the palm trees and an enormous limestone cliff. You can find your way to the beach through Nusa Penida Island. It is considered as the most beautiful and less visited place in Bali and you don’t want to miss it out at all.

3.     Paradise Gili Air

If you are tired of the city crowd, this paradise place is away from Bali but can be included in the route if you love biking too. This place is car-less and a great place for taking up the snorkeling challenge.

4.     Munduk

This is the region up north in Bali, but a place with peaceful mornings can never be underestimated. It is usually foggy and rainy which makes sunrise more beautiful. Just plan a day there and do not forget to wake up early in the morning.

5.     Monkey Forest – Ubud

This is a forest where monkeys roam freely and you can enjoy a nice stroll out there and also feed them if you like. They are not harmful and there are also monkey police to keep tourists safe and sound during the visit.

6.     Kuta

This is the most famous beach for starting your surfing lessons. You can find a reasonable instructor for it and start surfing. This is one of the rich experiences you must have on the beaches.

Final Thoughts

Bali is no less than an exciting place for party lovers. But in case you are a peaceful person who likes to be around the less crowded, the above-mentioned list is for you. Just plan your trip keeping all these fascinating places in the mind and if you can hire a tour guide, it can help you with a better experience of exploring the top attractions in Bali without a hassle.