What comes to your mind when you think about Italy? Other than Pizza of course. There are amazing landscapes, but the food is one thing that can take your breath away. Not literally, but yes, the feeling of love is there. If you are already familiar with some common cuisines of Italy, you may be thinking about Pizza or Lasagna. Well, Italian foods have a huge variety, and if you are in the town, you need to find the best restaurants to try the local taste of both common dishes too.

Chez Black

They are famous for making heart-shaped Pizza. If you are there looking for the traditional food to be served at your table, order pasta with zucchini. Other than the dishes, the place holds a special value in the minds of tourists. You will find the crowd there from many different backgrounds. It can also be a good place to indulge with other people from other places or regions. So, try it while you are in Positano, Italy. This place has a charming vibe for its visitors.

Da Adolfo

Do you think that location is important for the food? Especially when you are trying seafood. Well, most people have this in their mind, and if you are also one of them then, you must try fish from Da Adolfo. They serve the local fish in the morning, and one can always spend a wonderful day at the beach afterwards. If you want some extra fun other than eating, you can take a boat ride, and the place is crowded and booking in advance will save you from any embarrassment.

Trattoria La Tagliata

This cliff-based restaurant is a must-visit. It is located high above in a small village. You can make a booking and reserve your table out there. There’s no specific menu; you will be served the food in traditional family style and similar portions. They serve fresh meals and bring their vegetables directly from family farms. The experience is truly memorable and worth the time and money. So, do not forget to visit it with the family.

Da Vincenzo Positano

Want a cozy environment? Da Vincenzo Positano is the most amazing place for you. They are welcoming for the families and entertaining their customers with the seafood menu for each course. Just order your choice, and you will never forget the delicious and mouthwatering taste of their food.

La Terra

It is another restaurant on the cliffside. If you have a hidden photographer in you, this can be your view to test it. Hike for a day, and you will reach the La Terra, and their menu from local cuisines to the desserts is just amazing in taste, texture and freshness. Do not forget to try their La Terra risotto served in a crisp parmesan tortilla.

Bottom Line

Now, whenever you plan your trip to Italy. Plan the places to eat as well. This is the list of top 5 restaurants in Positano, but you need to do your research for other cities too. The best choice is to look for the places serving their traditional food or anything unique. So, plan your trip and share your experience!!