The top 5 most beautiful Caribbean Islands

top 5 most beautiful Caribbean Islands

Before we begin, answer the question; how crazy you are? Are you the one sitting in the office cabins and conspiring against the fellow or the one telling your boss that he is wrong? If you are the second one, the world may look at you differently. Hence, you are the crazy one. So, if you are already labeled with it, it is the time to do something crazy in your life, and what is better than planning your next vacations to the Caribbean Islands?

Yes, you might be thinking about Cuba, Jamaica, Grand Canyon and some other popular names. Well, no doubt these places are wonderfully charming, but there are Caribbean Islands which remain unexplored and many people don’t think about visiting them very often. So, make some exceptions here and plan your trip to the crazy Caribbean Island to experience the real adventure.

1.     Culebra, Puerto Rico

This island is a secret place with the powdery white sand and amazing views. The hotels or cottages style restrooms out there offer you a private terrace to enjoy the view. If you like, you can go snorkeling there and you might watch some tropical fishes and turtles. There is also an old lighthouse worth your attention.

2.     Saba

The Island of Saba may not offer a beach, but this place is still entertaining the hikers and climbers of the boat. So, if you are one of them or a scuba diver, this can be your haven for vacations. Search around the town and you will find some of the best cardio workouts instructors. It is said to be a volcanic island, however, every minute spent it is memorable for the tourists.

3.     Martinique

If you are visiting this Island, prepare to taste the delicious French, Creole, and African cuisines. Moreover, to make it a thrilling experience, book for sailing or scuba diving or go for the hike on nearby trails and enjoy the scenery. This is a luxury idea for classy people and if you are looking for a less crowded place, Martinique is the one to go.

4.     Dominica

This hidden gem is preserved because many people do not visit it. Waterfalls, water lakes, and wildlife out there are inspiring. You can mingle with the tribe of the Indian Caribbean, and you can actually enjoy the culture of the place.

5.     Vieques

This Island is not easy to reach, but when you land there, you will be happy to take a long journey. Get rental car services and book horse riding and boating for enjoying the town. However, it is gaining fame with the time and before it gets crowded, try to add it in your next vacation list.

Summing Up

All Caribbean Islands are considered to be the best spot for vacations. But the ones mentioned above are still unexplored by many. So, this time is a little crazier to look for the different ideas and plan your trip to one of the above mentioned Islands.

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