What to expect in Hong Kong

Still don’t have a destination for your next vacation? Finding the best place to spend your vacation is undoubtedly a daunting task, especially bearing in mind the thousands of destinations at your disposal. 

With so many beautiful worldwide destinations, Hong Kong is among the best places you can’t afford to miss in your must-visit destinations. Located in the Southern China Sea, Hong Kong is the place to visit if you want to experience most of the Chinese, both cultural and modern lifestyle. My friend John, from https://gerbasiristorante.org, had the most wonderful experience when he visited Hong Kong and shared so many stories about their culture with me. 

Below are some of the fascinating things you’ll love about Hong Kong. 

  • Excellent shopping 

For shopping enthusiasts, the shopping experience in Hong Kong is beyond any comparison – no wonder the city is busy throughout the day. There are numerous malls, street markets, and shopping stores that you can’t possibly explore in a few days. While items are considered somehow pricey, you will still find some good stuff at friendly prices. The temple street night market is the best place to shop for cheap accessories, clothes, and electronics. You can traverse the city by taking a bus, ferry, walking, or simply take a train. 

  • Fascinating architectures 

Hong Kong is the best place to experience the best of historic and modern architectural designs. St. John’s Cathedral is one of the oldest and fascinating pieces of architecture in Hong Kong (its 171 years old). Other unique structures that you can’t afford to miss include the THR350, Chi Lin Nunnery Complex, Tai Kwun, Opus Hong Kong, and The Jockey Club Innovation Tower, among others. 

  • Chinese delicacies 

Well, Hong Kong is a foodie paradise and definitely your No.1 place to visit if you’re a Chinese food lover. Hong Kong is home to more than 40,000 restaurants – that’s right, 40,000! Unless you’re visiting Hong Kong for a lifetime, you can only enjoy a small share of the excellent cuisine they have. The food landscape in Hong Kong is very much diverse. 

For the best of the local Chinese delicacies, enjoy the Central & Sheung Wan foodie tour or visit Dim Sum. In Luk Yu Tea House, you will get a taste of China’s farmed tea. 

  • Superb Hotels 

While life in Hong Kong can’t be considered cheap, it’s not that expensive to empty your pockets. There are budget-friendly accommodation packages as well as luxurious accommodations for those looking for extra comfort. Top places to consider include the Homy Hotel, iClub for tech fanatics, Hotel 108, the InterContinental Hotel, and the Four Seasons Hotels. 

  • Banging Nightfall 

While Hong Kong is known for business, it’s also great for pleasure. So, if you’re looking to party, you better have your wallet well stocked. You can visit some of the rooftop bars such as the Ozone or enjoy night shopping in the causeway bay or the temple street night market. The Victoria harbor also offers a fantastic night cruise or tour. Also, don’t forget to check out other famous entertainment sites such as Dragon I, Gecko, PLAY club, and Volar. 


Spending your vacation in Hong Kong will give you an amazing experience of a lifetime. As for the locals, they are friendly and kind. If you are wondering what’s the best time to visit Hong Kong, the good news is that the weather is great all through the year, so you can visit any time.


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